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    I decided to treat my 3 hens for their bumblefoot. So I go to the feed store and ask. All they have is cattle bolus size Albon. A pill treats a 200 pound calf. So I buy the pill. It's 5 grams, which is 5000 milligrams. The dose for a 4 pound chicken is about 10 milligrams. So I put the pill in a cup of water and grind it up in the coffee grinder. Now I have 5000 milligrams in a cup of water which is 240 milliliters. And the dose comes out to a half a milliliter. There are 5 milliliters in a teaspoon. But since I'm a nurse I have a one ml. syringe, and now I can give the dose.

    Moral? Sometimes you just have to make due with what you have.
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    We need a post of the conversion breakdowns of different measurements for meds, especially for all us thats not great in math...... [​IMG]
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    The active ingredient in Albon is Sulfadimethoxine, Its used to treat Cocci and Coryza in chickens..It will do nothing for bumblefoot.....
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    why not use Penicillin-G procaine, or other penicillin?
    or Baytril? even Cipro (ciproflaxin) might work if you're dealing with infection (usually staph).

    I wouldn't use Albon.

    did you oil the legs?(Bag Balm works well..some people use Vicks)

    did you treat for mites?
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