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    Apr 18, 2010
    Someone at the tractor supply store told me that I need to get some antibitoc powder to put in the chicks water. I bought the medicated food. DO I also need some for the water? I have four chicks - actually I don't have them yet. I pick them up at 4:00 this afternoon. I set up a huge cardboard box in my garage with pine shavings in the bottom and a clamp light with an inferred bulb. Am I going to burn my house down? I am nervous. First time chicken owner. Please advise. Thanks....Erin

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    Goodness! I wish those TSC people would stop telling people to add antibiotics to the water!

    Healthy chicks don't need anything but fresh clean water. You'll be changing the water several times a day anyhow, because they always manage to get their shavings in it.
    The use of antibiotics when they are not warranted for a bona fide illness can make them useless if and when you need them for an illness later on.

    Iffin it were me, I'd find a safer way to hang your heat lamp. Never trust the clamps. It's always best to secure the lamp in two ways. Example, we hung ours by a chain and also had them zip-tied.

    Congrats on your chicks! [​IMG]
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    I totally agree...if yours are anything like mine littlest guys you will be changing water several times a day. Good luck and have fun!!

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