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    Well, my baby Buff Orpingtons are going to be with me in about a week I think. Someone told me that when I get them I should put antibiotics in their water for the first few days? Is that true and should I do it? Also, the brooder is supposed to be pre heated for 48 hours right?

    ~Getting nervous for my first chicks!
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    Dec 6, 2009
    I use antibiotics for the first week. I use the quik chik from McMurray Hatchery, its mainly to get them off to a good start. As for the brooder lamp I just turned mine on when I sat them in there. Hope this helps:)
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    Ok, thank you! It did help! [​IMG]
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    Why start them on antibiotics? Are they going to be hatched already sick? I don't use antibiotics until there is irrefutable evidence of the need, and even then which antibiotic works best for the particular problem has to be decided. Overusage of antibiotics when not needed simply leads to resistance to treatment when they actually are needed.

    Are you perhaps referring to medicated feed? The only medication should be Amprollium, which builds resistance to cocci, an internal parasite. Even that use is optional, though I use it when I can find it, many don't.

    Brooders should definitely be tested before hatch or chick arrival. Use a thermometer, or better still, several, to get the lamp height and heat distribution balanced before putting chicks in. It doesn't require 48 hours of preheating, but better to get it all balanced before putting the chicks in.

    Congratulations on the Orps, they are quite nice.
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    Only use antibiotics if you have sick birds, you'll make the "bugs" in their gut develop resistance to antibiotics and then if they get sick they won't respond to normal treatment regimens.
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    If you're birds are not sick do not give them antibiotics. Maybe not even if they are sick.

    The person who told you this may have confused the medication in chick starter that deters coccidiosis with antibiotics. They are not the same. You can get the medicine that comes in medicated chick starter in a form you can use in their water, but I would not use that either if the starter feed already has it. Only if you develop a bad case of coccidiosis anyway in spite of the medicated feed. Keep their bedding dry and change it as necessary when the manure load builds too much and you should never have a cocci problem in your brooder.

    Yes, I prefer to have my brooder up and running for at least a full day before the chicks go in. This ensures that the bedding is fully dry and everything is sufficienty warm for when they get there. You sure don't want to discover you've got problems when the chicks are already on hand.

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