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    Hubby and I found a ceramic doll in a furniture thrift store. Her face looks like the Victorian type (cherub lips and V shaped white "sparks" in her eyes). Her head and torso is one piece, sewn into a cloth body. Had half length arms/hands and ankle cut feet, also sewn into the cloth body.

    I have NO idea of the manufactor because there was NO markings anywhere so I know its probably 1970's type. You can see the seam that has been trimmed after they took it off from the mold. I took her wig off to find the maker but none were found. I am not sure about her wig since it looks like polyster, it was sticky and looks like she had a bedhead on one side, all mattled and snarly. I washed it with shampoo and it did make the hair a little more blonder.

    If I can find a website that has the head samples, maybe I can tell who she was. I am sure its not one of the famous German made faces.

    Also I would love to change her face colors and eye placements. Her eyes are solid, not cut out for glass eyeballs. Can I change her face? What should I sand it down with and what kind of paint and sealant should I put on her?

    I used to do dolls for my Mom and her friends but I dont remember much except they were both ceramic and porcelain parts and I do the faces.

    As for wigs, I saw in Ebay there are sizes. How do I measure for her new wig?

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