Ants were eating my soap from Southern28chick!

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12 Years
Jan 22, 2008
I just went to wash my hands in the half bath where I have a bar of Southern's soap(oatmeal and goat milk) and there were ANTS eating it! had a hole in one courner and everything. WTH! I guess I'm going to ahve to fog the house, which I hate doing, but those small sugar ants are everywhere in here. I usually just deal with them as long as they stay out of the food, but I jsut LOVE her soap so much, in the month that I have been using it, it has really helped clear up my acne. So the little buggers have got to go, although I guess they know a good thing when they see it.

I just took a picture of it, here it is. Anyone ever heard of this happening before?

Not ants here, but the field mice enjoyed her Lavender & Goat's Milk soap. Will post a pic back here later...

I just love how they chewed through the "window" of the box...



This was from my own stupidity and luckily my personal stash.

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LOL! I have never seen that before! My guess is it's a GOOD sign though. The ants wouldn't be eating it if it wasn't all natural!
Those ants are fairly easy to get rid of. mix some boric acid and sugar in water. Put out sponges filled with it- Just keep it away from children and pets.
I didn't get it like that. They were eating where I had put in the bathroom. It couldn't ahve been for more than a day or two. Thanks for the advice on how to get rid of them, will definatly try that!

And yes, I think her soap is that good! Love it!
Do you have to fog the house? I know it's alot of trouble that I wouldn't want to go through for a few sugar ants. Is there a container you could put the soap in when you're not using it to keep the ants off. I know that sounds like an inconvenience, but I'd rather do that than the fogging, especially since I'd have to move out a TON of tarantulas first. Not that that is necessarily an issue for you

That does look like YUMMY soap, by the way. Does it really clear up acne that well? I might have to look into getting some.
I think if stuff is eating the soap it shows good quality. You won't see anything eating the chemical crud from the store.
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