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So, I'm tryng to make a desion here. First some back story: I was in band from 4th to 9th grade and did marching band from 7th-9th and then quit because I don't enjoy playing and all the practice it requires, but I do miss the fun of marching band, cheering on the football time, and hanging out with friends. Last year my little sister joined marching band as the banner carrier and while running her to band camp this week the band teacher offered to let me be banner carrier (along side my sister). And I'm not sure wither to take her up on the offer or not. But if I do except I need to decide when to tell her so, tomorrow on picture day(which would probley get me into the picture) or wait untill school starts? Thoughts?
How does your sister feel about you joining band with her? It's a big commitment (even without the practicing your instrument).
It says our school name- Band, basicly you stand there holding it on the field while they do the show and in a parade you walk in the front and carry it, it also shows are number during are one and only major parade.
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It doesn't sound as exciting as being a part of the music. Would that be ok with you? Can you try if for awhile or are they in need of a permanent person?
Honestly I hated being part of the music if you screwed up everyone around you could hear it this way the only thing to screw up is your marching which I don't think I've forgotten in the past two years, permanent person.

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