Any body live in Westchester County NY (chicken ordinance)

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by chickendude, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. chickendude

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    Jun 4, 2009
    Dutchess County NY
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  2. sonew123

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    Mar 16, 2009
    onchiota NY
    I think it is but wont mention names as she is the only one in westchester that I know of-yes she's a BYCer if Im correct and has had alot of problems with keeping her birds:-(
  3. jerseygirl1

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    Jun 20, 2009
    Orange County, NY
    Yeah, and I agree, she should be able to have them, too
  4. chrisf

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    Dec 27, 2007
    I wonder if a petition would help her?..............Maybe a massive petition from the members here....................
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  5. whogroomer

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    Apr 25, 2010
    My wife just told me the town of Carmel, NY just north of westchester in Putnam County, just gave her notice that we cannot have chickens. One of my chicks turned out to be a rooster, which is making a lot of racket now. So I'm sure one of my neighbors has called the city and complained. What can I do to fight this?

    I will get rid of the rooster, it was annoying me.. Although it's a nice looking bird. but my hens would not bother anyone.
  6. chickendude

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    Jun 4, 2009
    Dutchess County NY
    Quote:I am in Pawling just a few miles north of you. Neighbors! Did you check your local laws to find out exactly what you are entitled to have on your property?
  7. kmdsparrow

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    May 10, 2010
    Isn't that crazy that I can have chickens in NYC and you can't? It doesn't make sense. I want to move upstate though and guess I'll have to check and see if they allow chickens before I look in certain areas.
  8. asamuel

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    Dec 7, 2010
    I live in Westchester - Town of Somers. When we bought our first batch (silkies), they were straight run and it turned out most of them were roos. Though they are not too loud, still they crow all the time ! When we got our second batch (EE), being new to raising chicken and not read a whole lot of posts, we still didn't know hen can lay eggs w/o a roo LOL - so bought few hen w/roo too. Anyway, Somers has lot of private farms and muscoot farm that houses horses, pig, chicken and many more animals. So, animals are OK in this town - but no-no for roo's though.

    Now, regarding the neighbors - so far, we share our eggs with our neighbors regularly - they all love the colored eggs from EE - so hopefully, that should help them not complain. ;-)
  9. almostdread

    almostdread New Egg

    Apr 11, 2012
    Just seeing this thread now and I live in Carmel and am trying to find the local law....dd you ever find out? My uncle, who lives up in Latham, NY has is allowed up to 16 hens I believe....but NO ROOSTERS. I'm hoping I can find out the specifics for Carmel so if you found out or could pont me where you looked back in '10 It's be helpful.

    Great to see/find this site and am really so much more excited now that I found this font of information and community!
  10. RoostysMom

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    Aug 28, 2013
    Hi, I just joined BYC, but had chicken for over 15 years-wherever I lived. I lived in Holmes for 81/2 years now. It's on the border, so I'm in Putnam. We had new neighbors buy a house up the hill from us and it's been a nightmare, for 2 months. I had a bad rooster & he was noisy so we gave him to somebody that lives up in Millbrook. She was complaining that she couldn't sleep or concentrate. They were walking up to my house knocking on the door complaining, calling here, etc. Because I do have one rooster left, and he hardly crows...well at 6:15am a few times and in the day sometimes. So now she wants me to get rid of him, Roosty & I had him since he was a baby chick. To make a long story short they sent a code enforcement officer over here a couple weeks ago. I have to go to court in Kent next week and they want me to get rid of ALL my chickens! The house is 20 feet less than an acre * in Kent youre only allowed ONE chicken! I DON'T UNDERSTAND how you could only have one hen! So freaking stupid! They are flock birds! Your lucky you're in Pawling! Wendy
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