Any body needs a Hawk Trapped in GA or AL?


11 Years
Sep 25, 2008
Hello all,

I live in Columbus GA. I recently obtained my falconry license and Im looking for an Immature redtail. I can only trap an Immature with my license. The Parents need to remain to keep the breeding stock going.

How do you tell a Mature Redtail from an Immature? There tail. All adults will have Red or Orange tails and Immatures will have black or dark bands on thier tails. Here is a good pic of an Immature

and here is a pic of an adult

If you think you might have an immature flying around your coop, let me know. Thanks
What is the wing span on a juvenile and then on an adult?
I have a hawk bothering my girls and I am trying to figure out what kind it is.
Of course we have an eagle flying over here as well and they go so fast that sometimes I can't tell which was which from a distance, then there are all those trees.
Simple Life- Ironically, some young look as big or bigger than the parents, and this is only because the parents have spent all of their time feeding these greedy buggers. The only way to really tell is from the tail and if you live up north immatures have a belly band, But in the south both adults and immatures have belly bands. Its truly frustrating.
Redtails are tricky they are 50/50. The unfortunate thing for you is that they are protected and only falconers and researchers can trap them. If you have the right equipment you can trap one easy.

Navigate through this website These guys are in North carolina. Right now is the hunting and trapping season for falconers all over the US. Just let somebody know that if they are looking for a hawk to hunt with, you have one in your area that can be trapped. You might find somebody that hasn't trapped a tail like myself. Another thing hawks will take any opening they can get. I don't know if you have free range chickens or not but if you do, then I will promis you that when the weather drops the hawk will get much bolder and start to feed up. So just keep an eye on them and if you see one around just try to scare it away. They will probably not want to hunt in that area anymore or at least we hope not. Good Luck
I hope your not planning on traping an adult size (yet young) flying red tail. By then the bird is well developed and fully know he is a wild bird. Can you take a young one out of a nest? If not that call a rehabilitator explain that you will take one from its mother in the wild or they can transfer an imprinted one to you. Often rehabilitators get birds that have been with humans for a while. Their goal is to return the animal to the wild. Some times the bird is so imprinted on humans that it is what they consider unreleasable. To me it is a win win; They protect a wild bird and transfer one to you that would never adapt well to the wild again. Just a suggestion.

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