Any Body Use Ear Candles?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Baymule, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    I just candled my ears and I can hear again!! [​IMG] Wow, the crud that came out of my ears. [​IMG] If you have never used them, I suggest you get on down to the health food store and buy yourself a set. They cost about $12 and are well worth it. If you have never seen one, it is a hollow waxed paper tube about 12" long. One end is tapered and you stick that end in your ear. I poke mine through a paper plate to act as a ash catcher. Then I lay my head on the counter, stick the candle in my ear, holding it in place, and light the end of the ear candle. I can feel it crackling and popping in my ear as the flame burns the candle down. When it has burned down to about 4" I remove it from my ear and blow it out. If you thought you had clean ears, think again! I cut the stub of the candle open and found gobs of orangish ear wax.

    My daughter complained about her ear feeling all stopped up one time and I candled her ears. She thought I was nuts to start with and so did her husband. But when they saw the plug of gunk that came out of her ear, they changed their minds. Her ear was so plugged up, that when the plug was removed, wax continued to drain out of her ear for a week. She said it looked like cleaning out the dog's ears. [​IMG] Wax even ran down the side of her face!

    When your ears feel all stopped up from colds or sickness, candling your ears is a good way to relieve the pressure.
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    Sounds painful to have hot wax going down in your ear canal. I've asked my daughter's ear doctor and he strongly against that kind of method because of the possiblity of burning your ear drums.
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    I saw a show where they de-bunked those things. I guess if you cut into one before you use it, it has the same stuff inside the candle before you use it.
    I'd like to know if they really work or not.
  4. silkiechicken

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    We don't use ear candles but we do use ear picks weekly. Almost no wax in our ears all the way to the ear drum. Ear picking seems to be an Asian culture thing... and we don't have this sticky liquid wax, it's... flaky.
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    The crud you see is from the wax on the candle. They do not work at all but if you feel that they help you, then it is fine. All you need to do is burn the ear candle over an emply plate and you will see the same crud.
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    May 8, 2007
    I have chronic problems with one of my ears plugging up. I tried candling and it didn't help me. I tried the little bottles of peroxide for ears and that was of limited success. It took a couple of weeks to help and caused more problems with my hearing temporarily. I tried irrigating, too.

    The one thing that has been effective is using a small looped curette for ears. It has a safety stop, so you can't go too deep. Every so often, I gently remove the excess wax, being careful not to scrape hard against the side of the ear canal. The loop just grabs what's in there and pulls it out. Not a charming thing to describe, but maybe it will help someone else. [​IMG]
  7. Dar

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    Jul 31, 2008
    Quote:i know Dr. Ozde-numked it.. so take his advise for what its worth... [​IMG] hes a loon if you ask me...

    BUT I know the candling has never worked for us... maybe its got something to do with the thickness of the wax... i dunno.. everyones wax is different..

    the only thing that worked for hubby because of his line of work...he works in a factory and is always taking his ear plugs in and out with dirty hands and man do they get grimy... but we have to put 1 drop of mineral oil in each ear for about a week then go to the audiologist and have them drain and scrape his ears ... we do this about every 3 - 4 months. Hubby almost lost the hearing in one ear because the wax plug was so solid that the docs could not get it to move and there was a small layer of skin over the top. they had to put him out and cut that layer of skin and remove the plug.. because it was there for so long (since he was a yong man) he had to wear a cotton ball in the ear and slowly expose the ear to sound again because it was like someone screaming in his ear the wind bothered it... and now his ears are sensitive to the cold and when he swims he needs water proof plugs
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    Apr 13, 2011
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    I wear hearing aids and I have had problems with wax for many years. I have already said that ear candles are a joke but I will tell you what has worked wonders for me. Put a hand held shower in your shower and when you are done with your nice hot shower by that time the wax in your ears has softened and loosened a bit. Take the hand held shower head and you can put the setting on pulse and set the water pressure that it is not too hard for you and just hold it up to your ears for a few minutes each. It has done me absolutely no harm, ever and has worked wonders for the wax. I have found this method to be very safe and effective.
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    Wouldn't ear candles work best for eggheads?
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    Quote:My best-friend and her husband both say they work. My husband saw a program on the learning channel which states they do not work. I have had my ears candled twice. My hair stylist did it, until it became illegal for her to do so. I thought it worked, but was it just me thinking it worked, I do not know! I will not do it again, I use the kits from the drugstore!
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