Any Boston area chickens want to be on prime-time TV?


12 Years
Apr 30, 2009
Hey Mass BYCers,

A friend of mine works for a TV production company, and they are considering doing a backyard poultry feature on one of their animal-themed shows. This is a big-time company, and it's very likely you've seen their shows on prime-time. You and your birds could be stars!

They are specifically looking for poultry owners in some of the suburbs around Boston, so chime in and let me know where you are!

To keep things somewhat consistent, please give me the following info:

Screen name
Town where you live (Boston and surrounding towns only, please)
Number and type of birds
A brief synopsis of your life with poultry... For you, are they pets, food, fertilizers, composters, etc?

Thanks so much!
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