Any breeders / hatcheries that sell worldwide (Middle east)

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    Jan 2, 2017
    Qatar, Doha
    Hello everyone, If you couldn't look from my name i live in Qatar and i was thinking of buying some rare / exclusive chicken breeds
    but i can't seem to find breeders that ship to Qatar, Middle east

    The costs isn't really a problem i just want a reliable hatchery / breeder which has experience in shipping chickens worldwide
    as i am looking to buy chicks and maybe some juveniles

    If anyone knows anyone that sells a variety of chicken breeds worldwide wether he/she sells chicks or juveniles please let me know

    Thank you [​IMG]
  2. PeepersMama

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    I would see what you can find in England. There are plenty of good chicken breeders there, and quite a few rarer breeds that haven't made their way around the world yet.
    Here is a link to a farm in the USA that has years of experience importing/exporting rare breeds of chickens:
    Maybe you could email them for tips and advice, because I know that they have tons of experience.

    Hope this helps, and [​IMG]

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