Any breeders out there of WC Blue Cuckoo or Silver Barred Polish? Not pet quality.

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    Hi, everyone!

    I just had some bad news about my White Crested Dark Barred Frizzle Polish Cockeral. The past two weeks, he's been keeping company with a mature Speckled Sussex hen as I didn't have any other hens for him. Plus he was slightly aggressive (over amorous!) with a younger Polish/Silkie-X hen so I thought maybe he might behave with a bigger girl than himself. The people who are keeping him at their place for him, say he showed no negative signs before they found him lying on his side, dead. He had become rather protective of Speckles, the Speckled Sussex.

    Anyway, he's the son of Silva, my WC Frizzle Rooster, and my deceased (by a fox, sad to say) WC Blue Cuckoo Hen, Cuckoo. Specks, the Polish Roo, I found difficult to photograph as his barring couldn't be seen very well as it's Black Barring against Dark Grey. The icon I use for my profile is his mother, Cuckoo. I haven't been able to find a breeder anywhere that produces this colour or variety. I was hoping to put this year's Blue Straight Feathered hatching females to Specks next season in order to reproduce the Cuckoo's colour but he's now gone.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "Cuckoo" lost to a fox. So upsetting. "Silva", my WC Frizzle Blue Polish Roo. Utter gentleman and utter sook. Loves his cuddles.


    "Rena", my one-eyed, very brave, WC Blue Splash Hen, sole fox survivor. She amazed me as, though in shock for a day, was out laying eggs again, 3x days later! Even though she had a swollen right eye!


    "Specks" Silva and Cuckoo's son. Passed away today. Wasn't even a year old. Hopefully, when I've looked inside him after collecing him on the weekend, maybe there might be a clue as to what happened or what was wrong. Sorry about the bad photo. So hard to photograph this variety! Looks a mess here but totally different in real life!

    Originally, I was trying to reproduce Cuckoo's colour before she was killed by putting her to Silva until I found out why I was only getting Blues and Splashes. It's genetically impossible. I have since found out that I need a WC Dark Barred Rooster to put to a Blue female to reproduce the Barring and the Blue Cuckoo. So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered Specks amongst this season's hatching results!

    Anyone out there know of any WC Polish chicken breeders who have this Cuckoo variety? I've found some people call this variety Silver Barred or Blue Barred but the pattern is not really barred as such. It's a mass of Silver/Blue and White dots. You can see what I mean by the photo.

    I'm wanting to reproduce good show quality WC Cuckoo Polish. Anyone out there able to help me find a breeder? I live in the Adelaide Western suburbs so if the breeder is interstate, I will need fertile eggs.

    Yes. I'm aware that it's best to mate Frizzle feathers to Straight Feathers.

    Cluckin' and Chucklin' Away! (Not chucklin' atm!!)


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