Any BYCers with a farm in Raleigh/Durham?


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Jan 25, 2008
LOL Random question I know.

Just thought I'd throw it out there. Hubby and I are going to be getting a camper to live out of while I attend school at NCSU. There are a few RV parks up there, but I just thought I'd throw it out there and see what kind of opportunities arise.

I have a couple of geldings that I'd hate to leave at home if I could help it. *shrug* Maybe someone would be willing to let the horses run with their cattle? We'd like to have a milk goat, but everything is touch and go at the moment. We'd only need electric and water for the camper. We would be willing to pay to park the camper.

Like I said, I know it was very, VERY random. But I figured you never know what's out there unless you ask. Why would I ask on BYC? Because I have yet to meet a BYCer I didn't like or get along with. "Chicken people" in general are such nice people.

If you'd like, just shoot me a PM and we can discuss it in private.

Fellow chicken and animal fancier,
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