Any chance I'll get a hen?


10 Years
May 21, 2009
New york
In my last order I got 10 rir packing peanuts. 3 of my cornish rocks died so ideal is sending me replaements but they said I will probally get around 20 packing peanuts. So out of theses 30 chicks do
you think I may get a hen or two?
The way I look at it, sexing is only 90% accurate at best. Still, if they can mistakingly sex a cockerel as a pullet, the reverse should also be true; sexed as a cockerel, but actually a pullet.
So there's a chance, but I'd say it's a slim one.
Are "packing peanuts" always sexed roos? I've seen the term used and figured out it means extras they throw in an order for whatever reason--are they always leftover roos, or are they "compensation" chicks in case of loss? If they're always roosters, what on earth do you do with them all?

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