Any Cleveland area chicken people? (from Eastlake)

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    Mar 18, 2015
    I would like to talk to some people in the Cleveland area about your chickens! My mom was one of the first people to sign up for Euclids program when they first decided to try allowing chickens, that was a few years ago, she still has them and I think is up to six now. Anyway, I live in Eastlake and have been considering getting a few of my own (I am in very early planning stages), I went through the ordinances and aside from having to keep your chickens leashed in the park and not being allowed to run at large or be painted or dyed, there was very little reference so I spoke with the mayor and he quoted the following:

    (a) S-5 District (Suburban "5" District).
    (1) Permitted main buildings and uses.
    One-family dwellings.
    Agricultural uses, such as farming, truck gardening and nurseries.
    The raising of domestic animals, fowl and bees is not permitted on lots of less than ten acres.
    Parks and other public recreation uses.
    Institutions, churches, schools and publicly-owned buildings.
    Public utilities, water and gas mains and conduits, telephone,
    telegraph, electric light and power lines if carrying less than 5,000 volts are permitted on public highways or easements along lot lines of a subdivision.

    I had mentioned seeing this exact ordinance to him and pointed out that it was only listed under district S-5, which I do not live in. Under my district, which is R-something, it follows the same format but without any agricultural references and certainly none about fowl. He has yet to respond to that and when I called the city hall to ask about that and left a message I got an, almost rude, response along the lines of "I believe I already talked to you yesterday and no we don't allow chickens as the ordinance states", I haven't spoke with anyone at city hall so I don't know who he was talking to and I can read the ordinance, I wanted clarification on why it said no chickens is S-5 district ONLY! At least the mayor seems friendly enough. But in the e-mail he had mentioned other people in the city having chickens and how they have gotten complaints, etc.
    So one question I would have, does anyone know of any local groups, clubs, chicken people, etc I could contact if I decide to pursue this? Is anyone on here from Eastlake? What are your cities laws like? What kind of questions could I expect?
    Like I said the mayor seemed pretty open to the idea but I just don't know if I have the energy to really put into this, this city can be a pain in the *** sometimes, you should have seen the hoops I had to jump through with my house! I go to school full time and hope to get a plot at Parsons Gardens this summer, on top of that I hope to finally tackle landscaping my property (this house had been empty for years so its a minor disaster) which is why I say I find adding another crusade kind of intimidating... But I am on a quiet street, on a double lot and my back yard runs into the woods (almost 40 acres I believe) that is DeMilta Sand and Gravel, so very quiet and woodsy, it is just so frustrating because it isn't like I live in a development! Also, I have already spoken with most of my neighbors who think it would be a great idea.
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    Your situation sounds really frustrating! I don’t live in Eastlake, but I used to live in NE Ohio before moving to SW Ohio, so the Ohio threads always catch my eye. Even if chickens are not allowed, it sounds like your contact person could stand to be a little more clear and polite when answering your questions.

    With city ordinances, it’s unfortunately not always about what it doesn’t say is disallowed, but what it does say is permitted. Based on looking at the ordinances for both R-75 and R-60, it appears that chickens would not be allowed under either description of permitted uses. R-75 does make a more specific exclusion, but I’m guessing that is for clarification because some agricultural uses are permitted in that zone, whereas no agricultural uses are permitted in R-60, so no additional clarification seems needed. Are you also not allowed to have sheds? I notice that is mentioned as allowed in R-75, but not R-60.

    It does seems like your best best might be to work toward changing the ordinances to specifically allow chickens. Unfortunately, it can be time consuming, but if you get some other people to help, maybe it's doable. There are a lot of great resources stickied at the top of this forum to help with that. You can also use the ordinances of other local cities (like the Euclid one) to show how it’s been done nearby. I hope you’re able to find some others who are close and/or willing to help lobby for changes. Good luck and keep us updated on how it goes!
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    Mar 18, 2015
    We are allowed to have sheds, it's more uncommon not to have them. I did email the mayor about how both the Euclid and Cleveland chicken programs work and he said he was forwarding it to the city council. He did happen to mention they were more concerned about the budget though.

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