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    May 7, 2008
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    so my oldest are close to 5 months,, no eggs yet but their faces are red and finally showing interest in the nest boxes. i went to check on them in their run/coop and the four of them are all in the coop area checkin out the nest area and fluffing the shavings i have in their, i cant wait!!! this is killing me..,,,,
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    Patience is a virtue. Muhahahahaha. Just kidding. the waiting is hell but worth it when they start laying.
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    Well with 18 hens & 20 weeks behind us, we've gotten one little pullet egg from our Black Star. Only five of the 18 have developed red combs and wattles. The Red Star is HUGE and still hasn't given us an egg. And so we wait... and make numerous trips to the out door opening of the nest boxes. Hoping... waiting...
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    We should have a section for help dealing with compulsive nest box checkers lol
    My 5yo son & I were going out every hour when we were home. Of course he was more interested in trying to catch one of the girls, I saw the egg before he did and stayed back & asked if there were any eggs yet. He glanced in the boxes and said no then did a double take when he realized there was a tiny egg beside the golf ball!

    [​IMG] hope you get your first one soon!!!
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