any experience with USPS insurance claim?

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    I need to vent and get some feedback...

    I bought a set of vision cookware from an ebay seller. She had 100% positive feedback, as do I. When my set arrived, she had taped the glass together and it was packed in a box of shredded paper from her paper shredding machine. One of the pieces was broken and the rest had been knocked into each other and made little places on them but nothing I couldn't live with. I should have filed the claim with ebay right away and just let the PO reimburse her but I waited. ebay only lets you file a claim up to 45 days so now its too late for that. Well now its been 2 months and she sends me $15 thru paypal. I can't even replace that piece for less than $30. We have exchanged a couple of emails and the last one was not that sweet.
    Can anyone tell me of an experience they have had with an insurance claim from the PO. I never got a single thing from them regarding the matter, so they never asked me the value. I did have to take my pieces to the PO for them to look at though. Would the PO reimburse for the whole insured amount? How would they determine the value of one piece?
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    Quote:You should have a reference number for checking on your claim through the PO, but my experience was that there was no update at all on the case, and that I received a check at 60 days, I think...or maybe 90, after filing the claim. I did get a check, though!
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    The shipper usually has to file the claim and they will get the check back in 60 to 90 days. You have to prove the value of the damaged item with either an appraisal or get a price from a store if you can find a store that carries the item.

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