Any experiences flying with baby chicks?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by chicksbestfriend, Mar 14, 2011.

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    I have been breeding and raising chickens for 8 years and sell them for $5 each. I live in Maui and have alot of folks from off island who come and buy chicks from me when they are in town and they take them back home with them on the ferry. I had this one guy wanting to buy 40 chickens who lives in Oahu, and because the chicks just hatched 5 days prior, I offered to fly them out to him as I was going there anyways. I got the biggest box I could find to fit into my dog carrier that I travel with that fits under the passenger seat, cut out the top of the box and replaced it with a screen so the chicks could have air. The chicks were pretty tight in there, but figured it was only a 20 minute flight and all would be well. I printed out my boarding pass so there wouldnt be any questions by the airlines and proceeded to the TSA check in. The screener told me that I couldnt take the chicks on the plane. Thinking quickly, I told him that I have done it numerous times and alls he had to do was remove the box, scan the carrier and feel inside the box. (This was actually my frist time trying to fly with chicks!) Surprisingly, he did as I said and when he pulled his hand out, his glove was completely covered with chicken poop [​IMG] and he sent me on my way. [​IMG]:eek: Once I got to the terminal, I realized that the chicks were overheating, [​IMG] so when the plane took off, I opened up the carrier to give them more air and the entire aircraft reeked of chicken poop! [​IMG] I apologized to both of the men seated on either side of me out of embarrassment but both of the men grew up on farms so they hardly noticed the odor, but the plane ride was anything but pleasant for the rest of the passengers. [​IMG] Thank goodness the guy was waiting for me at the airport and collected his chicks as I had a training to go to right after landing! He then calls me several hours later to let me know they were all doing great and asks me if I could bring him 100 chicks next time I come! [​IMG] Will never try that one again even though it was a quick buck!!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Mauigirl here - responding to Flying with Baby Chicks- Interisland Maui to Oahu
    Your very lucky yo got that far, I'm sure the gate agent caught hell for missing them. But here is the phone number to Aloha Island Air Cargo 1-888-942-5642
    air freighting is traveling oneway or unaccompanied by passenger is currently (things are chaning everyday) okay to ship chicks without health certificate if they are called PETS - or SHOW . Farm or livestock, exotics fall under different category geese, rabbit, ducks, jackson chameleon require agriculture permit. Will be doing research on these permits and post a follow up
    hawaiian airlines also does cargo an has information on their website

    Halemalu farms also air cargo ships day old chicks and juvenile 'show birds' (packaged per IATA Live Animal Regulations Container Requirement) which is a small standard pet carrier with gro gel (food water for a few hours) they specialize in bantams - when chicks are received pet carrier has been prepaid to return back to Maui - couldn't get any simpler
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    ANY time you travel with chicks or adults, you need some sort of absorbant bedding. Adding Sweet PDZ (not much needed) will also help keep odor under control. I am really surprised they let you on the plane with them. Normally all pets in carriers have to be cleared previously, and fitting multiple animals into one carrier is generally disallowed.

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