Any golden comet sexlink fans out there?


11 Years
May 20, 2008
Charles Town, WV
I can't find much dedicated to this industrious sexlink so I am starting the golden comet thread. For those that dont know they are a NH roo x white rock and they have been known to start laying at 15 weeks. The boys are white and the girls are ruddy almost like an over-pyle if that makes any sense. To me they are about as perfect as a chicken gets: early prolific layers, thrifty, sexlinked, cold and heat tolerant, some natural camo and the sweestest personalities! If they have any faults it would be that they don't breed true and they look a little homely. I lost my dear little GC to a fox last summer but I am still thinking about what a good bird she was so I just called the feed store and reserved 10 pullets. Any other people love their GCs? I want to hear from you!


The Welsh Witch
11 Years
Nov 2, 2008
They have a great reputation over here too. They are very popular.

I went for another type. I have what we call over here Black Rocks which are RIR roo over Plymouth Rocks, so the same as your sex links. But they are brilliant. Love them. I have 4 and since they started laying i get 4 eggs daily, sometimes I will get 3 then next day

Hope you are as pleased with your new girls when they arrive.

Ohh and just to explain the Golden comets in my Signature are fish. lol....

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