any good ideas to saveing food?

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    hi i was wondering with the price of feed going up is there a way to save TONS of $ on feed? like homemade scratch grains that don't include much effort making because i am very busy with school and mabey layer feed and chick feed? i breed chickens so this money i think i need. i tend to give my chickens the best nice big a big chicken geek [​IMG]
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    I'm going to make my own layer feed from soybean meal, wheat, corn and Milo, plus kelp and oyster shell. Between that and bugs/ kitchen scraps and sprouting the wheat, I think it should be ok. I can mix up the SBM and cracked corn, mix the Milo/ wheat separately for sprouting. Then add the kelp/ oyster shell at the end. I also add some nutritional yeast, which is high in b-vitamins and complete protein.
    The grains dropped my per bag price by $4.00 from the layer feed I was buying. Plus, it seems fresher than commercial feed. I just don't feel that by-products that are ground, cooked, baked and shaped, then sit in bags for who knows how long can be as fresh and nutritious as whole grains.
    I can mix and match the grains and seeds this way, too. Variety is a great way to improve nutrition. I'll be tossing in flax, BOSS, chia, etc, just not everyday.
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    Letting your chickens free range, even part of the day, will save a bunch on feed. I always notice a dramatic decrease in feed consumption when the girls have plenty of time in the yard.

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