Any guess on this barnyard mixes breed?


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Jul 14, 2014
Central British Columbia

Any guesses on this little girls breed, I know she's a mix. So her breeds I suppose...
6 months or so. Hope "she's" a she.
My buff Orpington roo is 2 1/2 months and already crows, that little white chicken doesn't crow and my adult roo leaves it be. Not sure if I'm trying to convince myself or you that it's female...
What kind of comb is that? Pea or single? If pea, I'm gonna need to change my guess......

I thought I was maybe seeing saddle feathers, but maybe not. At 6 months old s/he should be showing obvious rooster characteristics by now. So she must be about ready to start laying, or maybe laying already! You can check the pointy pin bones on either side and just below her vent (if you use her tush fluff strategically it's not at all gross). If you can fit 2-3 fingers between the pin bones she's either laying or about to start laying and definitely not a rooster.
It looked like a pea comb a while back but now I don't know what to say about it.... More like my RIRs, though smaller.
Thanks for the pin bone pointer! Exciting... Although this birds a bitter, so I'll wear gloves.
Breeds with pea combs include Ameraucanas (Easter Eggers), Buckeyes, Brahmas, and Cornish. I think we can rule out Brahma, due to lack of leg feathering and her smaller size. She doesn't look at all Cornish, either. It could be Buckeye, but those are quite rare and tend to be big birds. Then there's also Chanteclers, which are quite rare here but likely more common in your neck of the woods. They have a unique cushion comb, I'm not sure if it is dominant over the single comb like pea is.

The yellow in her hackle (neck) and saddle feathers tells me that genetically she's probably a cross of something red (such as RIR, New Hamp, Buckeye, Partridge Chantecler, or a red Easter Egger) over a Delaware or Columbian-colored bird.
Well the only possible combo is RIR cross easter egger. Thank you. I'll have a better idea once the eggs come. So would the white colour be from the EE roo...
Oh one other possibility would be bantam cross EE roo. What do you think of that? Could explain why she's so small.
Do you have a pic of the EE roo? If he was one those predominantly white/black ones, yes, that's probably it.

What breed/color was the bantam hen?

FYI - your pullet will likely lay blue/green eggs! With the Easter Egger mixes I've hatched myself every time the pullet had a pea comb she laid blue/green eggs, and everytime she had a single comb she laid brown eggs.

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