Any guesses as to what breed?


6 Years
May 31, 2013
This is Butter. We got her from my sons school after his class hatch some eggs. We cannot nail down what breed she is. I know she's a mix but I can't figure out what. The woman who gave the eggs to the class said they were plymouth barred rock (which is evident in my roo...who is a cross also) but this one little girl has me puzzled. She's 17 weeks. When she was born she was a very pale yellow chick (that's why they named her Butter...that's her in my avatar). She is not real white white, she kind of looks like she's dirty all the time (wish i could get better pic of her feathers and coloring) more of a cream color and has black specks here and there and has darker eyes than my other chickens. She also has dark eyes and is a slimmer build than my barred rock (not from that group of chicks). Any guesses?

by the way, her neck isn't this long...she was just stretch out looking at our dog. LOL And that leghorn in the background is from a totally different breeder so no relation. LOL

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She does...thought it was just me noticing it. LOL It's kind of cream/very light buff with white edges.
You know White Leghorn X Barred Rock seems to give a white bird with really faint barring, so I wonder if White Leghorn X something ... it would need to be a laced bird, single comb probably, with dark skin considering how dark her legs and head are... and I can't think of a one right now ....
The feathers are penciled not barred.
You think she is penciled not laced? So what dark skinned, single combed, penciled bird could be crossed with a WL to get that? I am just not coming up with anything today. It does look like a WL X to me or at least a white bird X ?.
Thanks for the input. I don't think she's a LH x....while she's not plump like my barred rock she isn't built like my leghorn either (these are from different places so they're not related). She just has me puzzled. I guess I'll just accept the fact that I'll never know. LOL She'll just be my special little cross breed. <3
I think folks were saying leghorn because they're common for dominant white. White rocks can also have dominant white, which basically hides everything else, thus the ghost lacing or whatever it is. If you bred her to a non-white bird you might have an idea of what's under there.

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