any guesses on my chicks?


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Eggs were likely white leghorns and Americauna (options being leghorn, buff orpington, Americauna and RIR), the two roos that could have been baby daddy are Americauna and RIR. The picture of them by the hose, they were about 3 1/2 wks old. The ones in the grass are today and they are 4 wks old today. I was guessing all the whites are roos and the brown is a hen but looking at everyone elses pics I am up in the air now. They act fairly aggressive at each other---jumping and flying at each other. Was planning to caponize the roos but am thinking I need to wait a bit longer till sex is more obvious.

Thanks for any input!

ok so how do I add my uploads here?


This is a buff Orpington, I don't see that from the pics. To me, It looks more like a golden comet. But my eyes are getting less trustworthy.
All look henish to me. Great layers!
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Anyone have a guess on the sex of my 5 chicks pictured? I know the breed---pretty much. I hatched these guys myself from my girls and boys on the farm so that isn't my question. I'd like to caponize my roo chicks so I am looking for any guesses on sexes.

Thanks again!!
All 4 of the white ones (Leghorns) are cockerels. The red one (most likely a Production Red) is a pullet.

The Buff you pictured is a hatchery quality Buff. A Golden Comet will have more of a reddish look with white feathers around the tail.

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