Any guesses on Sexing this Delaware/Ameraucana chick?


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The parents are a Delaware roo and a Splash Ameraucana Mother...this chick is black with silver tips and defined spot on its head. So anyone have this cross or know what gender and/or color I am dealing is friendly fat fluffy chick for sure....A first time on this cross for myself and Speckledhen (owner of the parents).

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Rooster on first one...I think youve created a sex link and that white spot symbolizes a roo...I know dellies are used for such a thing as are ameraucanas...let me look around for the info
hmmmmm interesting. If I am correct, the Delaware is a silver based this case, the father is the Delaware and the mother is a Blue (splash) Ameraucana from Cree lines I believe...So I am really not sure if this will be sex-linked or not. The confusing part are the silver tips and the spot on the head. By the way, the black chick in both picstures is the same chick,
Oooh suspense!!!!! Please post results when you nail sex down? Can you hatch more to see if you get more like that? And some chicks without the spots? To see if their girls?? How exciting!!! :D
I just put one of Snow's eggs under my broody Orp this morning, same sire, so in about three weeks, if we're lucky, we'll see if we get another one like it.

Mama Snow:

Daddy Isaac:

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