Any guinea "psychologists" out there?


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Northern Va.

Okay, where to begin. Last Fall I worked at a Fall festival and the owner bought 3 gray pearl and 2 white guineas (grown) as part of the poultry exhibition. (All came from the same place). After the festival, the owner released them from their (huge) pen and they've been living free since Nov. I go over there about once a week to check on them and I've never heard a "buck wheat" so I assume they're all boys.

Anyway, about a month ago, I had to go away for a few weeks. I came to check on them just before leaving and one of the grays was chasing a white, like a hundred miles an hour. At times, more than one was chasing him (?). Eventually, the white one flew up in a tree to get away from the others. Now I'm back and one of the 2 whites is gone. I'm wondering if they killed it, chased it away or, perhaps, it has a nest?

I've spent time observing these guys and, back last fall, I noticed one of the white ones was very submissive to the others and was always making a whining noise and trying to get under one of the other ones - the other white one if I recall correctly. I'm wondering if that's the one they were chasing. And, since being back, I've noticed that the other remaining white one is at the bottom of the pecking order. Any ideas as to what is going on? Do you think they pick on the white ones because of their color difference? Just trying to learn about guinea behavior. Thanks for any input you can give.

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