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I have a 6 month Plymouth Rock. She is my favorite bird. I posted this morning but no replies. Any advice would be good, She was active and fine up till yesterday when she started acting funny. This morning she was laying on the coop floor being very quiet. I picked her up and noticed she was very lethargic and her comb is droopy and a little pale. She is in the Hospital room i made for my birds and her symptoms are:

1- Droopy comb slightly pale.
2- loose stool clear and mucus alot of white not alot of bowel movements
3- Very lethargic sleeping alot

I noted on exam her crop was kinda full of food i could feel feed and grit in it but it was not hard just kinda full. I treated her with molassas water and olive oil and massage it, she stood up and pooped on me and went back to sitting down. This poop had a little green in it. After massage she opened her mouth to breath. But went back to normal

I was wondering if this could be cocci and i treat with corid? I think she layed today and it was the egg that was by her in the coop only one not in box. She seem to not be getting better, Could this just be a crop problem or some other problem. She not eating or really drinking, I have given her water by spoon and she take that.

I have every chicken med for my girls but dont know where to start. She isnt really pooping so i wonder this could be the crop or cocci. Egg bound i think I cleared up since i feel nothing at all. She is 6 month old and a couple of pounds, whe is not a big girl yet. she looks sick now as the day has gone by. I dont know to treat her with corid or maybe tylan? Amd their is no vet around that treats chickens near me. I can do a search tomorrow for one farther out but today is sunday and i think if I dont act she wont make it.

Any and all help would be appreciated . Thank you I am in need of suggestion please.
Boy, when I have fast onset lethargy and paleness type of symptoms in a young laying hen, I usually think egg-laying / reproductive problems, peritonitis/internal laying. Green poo / bile is common because food is not being processed or not being eaten. Are you sure it is her laying now, how long has she been laying? Coccidia would be rather odd in a bird that age that fast onset and I would expect to see some blood in her stool. White watery poo can mean heat stress, worms, a lot of things. If she were mine I would be inclined to go with the shotgun approach and put her on antibiotics for sure and go ahead and use the corid,
I have not wormed them yet since i got them in march i was going to wait til fall and the molt. They have all just begun to lay in the last month or so. Some as soon as the last 2 weeks. The crop still has food in it and has not emptied out so i was thinking this might be the problem but not sure yet. She did not eat today at all and i would think the crop would be empty by now. My daughter in law knows a out of state vet and asked her she leaned toward the crop but im wondering if this is it. The vet said to give her nystatin 1 ml. and watered dowm cracked corn oats and feed make a mush. I did both of these things and fed her water threw a syringe, What bugs me the most is:

If egg bound, why the mucus clear white poop?
Is this a sign of Cocci or the crop or egg binding?
After the olive oil and massage she would poop the slimey stuff.
Tonight it looks like she went a couple of times but the same bowels a little few darks specks of regular bowel in it.\
If egg bound wouldnt she stop bowel movement?

Thank you all for the help.
How suddenly she got sick is what makes me wonder. When you feel her crop can you feel anything in there specifically, or does it just feel the same all over, it doesn't sound like she has a wad of grass etc stuck in there? She could just be partially impacted if she ate something that got stuck or is indigestible and occasionally blocking since she is pooping so something is getting through. If you are dealing with an impacted crop they usually recommend going strictly to soft foods, no whole grains. If you think that is it I would be massaging her crop quite often and trying to get soft foods down her. Is she drinking on her own at all? She may not be egg bound, as in have an egg stuck, but could have peritonitis or be laying internally, if she is egg bound, where the egg is stuck will make a difference as to her being able to poop. Coccidia and worms are a possibility, but odd that either would strike so fast on a six month old bird. If you don't want to take the chance on worming her, you could worm the other birds right now, you should see worms by morning if they have a heavy load, if they don't doesn't totally eliminate the possibility she does but would lean that way.
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If her crop doesn't empty and she's still alive in the morning you might want to tube some water to it to help get stuff moving.

When I feel her crop I can feel food and grit and pellet feed. she didnt eat today and by evening i still felt what was in their and it didnt empty out. I did feed her applesauce tonight and after i gave her the nystatin and checked her a few min. ago she was standing. But still was not herself. I keep massaging her and giving her water. I marked her water to see if overnight it goes down. I can see she ate a few bites of the mush grain the vet said i could give her. Is this a wrong move on my part to make a wet mash for her? If she pulls threw this i will worm her, Im just worried to much on her system will hurt her. Is this right on my part or is it ok to do multiple treatments. I did give her a dose of corid before the vets advice because i was worried if i took no action this would end badly. I mixed 2 tsp. of liquid with 1 gallon of water (recommended dose).

Can i keep giving her corid with nystatin? Will this hurt her? As soon as she perks up I will worm her or should this be done now? Once again thank you for the advice.

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