Any Home Bakers Here?


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Feb 23, 2018
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That is ridiculous! How many were there? It is pretty much a one person job, they figured to charge for the others' time since they all came together and the "sit and watch" plumbers couldn't go to another job?

Other than being uncomfortable under the sink, those aren't difficult jobs. In fact they could have put the faucet in the countertop before the countertop was installed. Makes it a lot easier.

Doesn't take a plumber to disconnect water and disposal. The countertop people could have done it easily.

Only one person came to do the job.

A plumber is what the fabricators required.

It's one of the traits i dislike in human beings is the money grabbing self serving kind of people.

I had you young guy trim my garden, I gave him half more than anyone else and a very good water flask with a spout. He missed out a little of the back garden so I sent him a text, thinking he'd do this when he's on another job nearby. The replied, that more cash.

End result, I won't be using his services again..
And @Ladies-Eight

I feel they have people over a barrel and know they will pay in order to get the job done.

I'm hoping I am able to find someone else to do the job with a better price.

We will see.

Nope. If he was paid to do the job, not by the hour, his buttski should have been back there to finish the job PDQ.

The light fixture is broken. 😕 I can't make good yogurt any more either because of it. And no, it doesn't just need a new bulb. I've been trying to find someone who does appliance repair to fix it with no luck. It's a glass-top stove, not that old. I hate to have to buy a whole new oven but it's starting to look like my only option. :hit

The company who made the stove should be able to direct you to someone to repair the oven.

If not tell them you will not be buying their products again.

That is what I did with Whirlpool related to my refrigerator.

The home office called me to have my refrigerator shipped back to them and a brand new one delivered the day of the pickup.

I had to pay the difference between the price of my refrigerator and the new one.

I have a much nicer refrigerator than I had for a small amount oa money.

I would not trade my gas oven for anything

I love my gas stove and would not trade it for anything.


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Feb 23, 2018
Hollister, Florida 32147
Here the homeowner can do any of the jobs. If it is a rental, contractors have to be hired. I do all my own construction, installation, plumbing and electrical.

I wish I knew how to do the plumbing, but I don't.

My husband is a mechanical engineer and can't do it either.

Of course he is not able to help much because of his third stroke.


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Dec 27, 2020
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See those little things all over the concrete? Those are WORMS. I don't know why they all crawled out onto the driveway but we have a mass genocide incident over here.


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