Any Home Bakers Here?


Jan 30, 2020
Chocolate cake (packet mix), topped with home made chocolate.



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Feb 23, 2018
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I am cautiously optimistic.

The proofing box arrived. By magic. It’s Sunday, so I doubt UPS is responsible. It was not there this morning when I was doing outside chores at 0800. When I went out at 1130, the box was sitting outside my yard fence. Upside down. I’m hoping it wasn’t dropped or thrown.

I didn’t hear anyone in the driveway. But it could have been when I was in the shower. Since it was outside the fence, I suspect it was whoever received it; and they didn’t come into the yard to knock on the door.

When I got it inside, I realized the single strip of shipping tape had been cut. But it doesn’t look like anything in the box was disturbed.

I have it set up now to run about 5-6 degrees higher than my kitchen temp to be sure it works after its weekend adventure. I just wish I knew who dropped it off so I could thank them.

We have a public forum in our daily paper where people will say thank you when someone does something for them like this that was done for you.

Sally PB

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Aug 7, 2020
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Oh there’s a mat and gloves?
My neighbor warned me that "you will find any thin spots in your oven mitts when you use a Dutch oven to bake sourdough at 450!" That's why I got the gloves. I already KNOW my mitts have thin spots. :hmm
Do you by chance grind your own flour? We have whole wheat berries and I always grind my wheat flour fresh. It is SUPERIOR to the pre-milled wheat flour that you'd buy in the store.
GF flour is expensive, so I'm starting to grind my own. I used my Blendtec blender on short grain brown rice; it's a bit gritty. I have a juicer that has a grinding attachment, and that ground it a bit finer, though it still has more texture than store bought. Long grain white rice did a little better yet.

I want to try making oat flour and quinoa flour. And maybe tapioca. All the GF SD recipes call for a few different flours. I need to find some sorghum flour; that's a common one in GF. I went to the health food store I usually go to, and nada. I looked it up online, and guess who says they have it! Walmart!

@musikfan, what do you use to grind your flour? Can you post a picture too? Thanks!


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Feb 17, 2015
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That's one of the ideas behind the silicone mat I ordered. You put the dough on the mat, lift the whole thing, and set it down in the Dutch oven.

I will definitely give a report after I use it. See if it was worth $20.

Speaking of $20, I got a pair of "Ove Gloves" at the store today. Rated for 540 degrees. :eek: So the mere 450-500 of the Dutch oven should be no problem, I hope!

Dang. I just added up $80 for a Dutch oven, $20 for the silicone mat, $20 for the Ove Glove, $15 for the GF starter, and I have a really, really expensive loaf of bread!

But then the rest are just a couple bucks. And I have a Dutch oven, the mat, and the gloves.
Yes but Sally do you bowl? A couple trips to the bowling alley poof all that money gone! Do you have a pony? Me neither so look at all the money we’re entitled to spend on baking supplies!

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