Any home remedies for laryngitis?


11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
SoCal desert
I lost my voice yesterday and so far that's my only symptom. Anyone got any ideas for simple treatments. At this point it's not worth dropping $95 at the drs.
Do you know what triggered it?

Honey, especially a local variety, always makes a big difference for any throat trouble, for me.

And gargling with hot, really salty water, first.
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I think it started with seasonal allergies. However it was very mild with just a tickly throat at night for a couple of days. Then I got a major undeserved sideswipe from the village psycho and within 2 hours of that particular nasty little incident my voice folded.
OP has good advise....salt water gargles 4 times /day, honey or hot tea or aapplejuice with honey are good. Also voicerest if you can. Don't smoke, avoid second hand smoke.
Try gargling with apple cidar vinegar--it's an astringent. Unless, like me, you're a little bit allergic to it. (I STILL love it in salads and stuff--just have it eat it slowly and with small bites of food.)
True laryngitis is viral - Sounds like what you have. Usually lasts 5-7 days. Gargle, wait, don't try to strain to talk too soon.
I've heard of using ACV for gargling. Do you dilute it? What ratio?


DOn't dilute--straight, a teaspoon at a time, not TOO much because you want to kill the germs, not strip your throat dry. I have tried throat coat, but mostly that's recommended for vocalists who have a singing engagement.
When I was young and had sinus issues I'd mix ACV & honey in equal portions, then sip the result very slowly, letting it coat my throat. Helped a LOT when I was feeling asthmatic, too.

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