Any idea is this is a boy or girl?


10 Years
Jun 27, 2009
Wyoming, New York
A friend of mine was given this goose and told it was male. Then someone came to her house to buy chicken eggs and said it was a girl. Any ideas? We really do not know how to tell with geese, but are willing to learn. Sorry the picture is not closer but it would not stay close and I took it with my phone. Thanks for the help.

Do you know how old it is. It looks like she has an egg channel, not sure from the picture but if she is over a year and has a flap hanging between her legs I would say girl.

She's really a nice looking goose.
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Yes, she is over a year and she has a flap hanging - the owner (who is new to having geese) noticed it seems to be hanging lower today.
When I first noticed my gooses egg channel I thought something was wrong - too skinny or over worked or something. Later I learned it was normal and I stopped feeling so sorry for her.
Your friends girl should start laying eggs in the spring. Ducks lay during the night but geese will wait and hide theirs after they get let out.

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