Any idea what these are? New chicken mama here...


6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
I am new to chickens and I got these fine ladies at the farmer's market today - the girl said they were Tetra Ambers, but not what breed? I've been researching and mostly it refers to Amerucauna (or something like that, hahaha) but I thought I would ask ya'll since I found this wonderful site. :)

The Roo was given to me by my Aunt and she said she did not know what he was exactly. Any thoughts on what he might be?

Thank you in advance!

The roo maybe a red sex link, have you had a chance to take a good look at his legs/feet, he looks to have a case of scaly leg mites.
If the seller said the birds were a Tetra hybrid, she was probably right. Here is the Tetra website with a list of their "products." Your Tetra Amber is there.

My Tetra Tints aren't the prettiest birds, but they are real little workhorses and lay extra-large tinted eggs like crazy.
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