Any ideas? Australorp, RIR and Barred Rock.


Oct 13, 2018
Adelaide, Australia
Hi, here are some of my babies.

Barred Rock at 5 weeks

Splash australorp at 5 weeks


RIR (number 1) at 6 weeks


Black australorp at 5 weeks (he / she is developing streamers, so not sure what that is about...)


Blue australorp at 5 weeks


RIR (number 2) at 6 weeks

There are 7 others (incuding 5 silkies) but I think they're all a bit harder to pick. Thanks heaps.


Crossing the Road
Jul 6, 2016
NW Washington state
The barred rock has the darker barring of a female, but its legs are pretty thick. I think you will need to wait at least a couple more weeks to know the sex of this one.

The lavender Orpington is looking like a pullet so far, but that breed can be slow to develop, so it, too, might need a while longer for certainty. But I think pullet.

The RIR looks like a pullet.

The Australorp with the small crest is looking like a pullet, but 5 weeks is a touch early for certainty. It's not purebred, as you probably know. I can't make out the comb too well but it looks like it possibly has a pea or rose comb rather than a single comb. If not, the it could be an olive egger.

The blue Australorp needs more time. As of now, the legs look rather thick and the late feathering also indicates a possible cockerel. But the comb doesn't show that at all, at least not yet, so watch it closely. If the comb/wattles develop and get red within the next month, you likely have a boy.

RIR #2 looks like a pullet.

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