Any ideas-chick who will not stand

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  1. This was the first time incubating, we didn’t open the incubator other than to candle or add water for humidity. I had issues getting the humidity higher than 50% as I live in a very dry climate, will need to look into how to get humidity higher in Calgary, adding more water didn’t seem to do much.

    This little one hatched yesterday afternoon and just lay on its back. It couldn’t stand up and the other one that had hatched was pecking at it so we quickly took it and the other one out of the incubator after a lot of research! The other two eggs are still not hatched. One has pipped.

    The chick just lies on its back with legs spread so we figured splay leg and we made a hobble this morning but it can’t stand even with the hobble, it just falls over backward so we also did some vitamins and electrolytes in the water since our area is chronically selenium deficient for livestock. Just wanted to see if anyone had any other options?

    We will give it a few days, it’s strong and eating and drinking with help but it seems to prefer chilling on its back. Tried the cup trick but it keeps bringing its legs up by its head!!!!

    We will cull if we can’t get it sorted and it looks like this is a permanent disability but wanted to give it some time to figure it out first!!!!!

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    From my experience, they never progress. I ended up euthanizing mine like that.
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    You could try a chick chair:
    chick chair (1).jpg chick_chair_1.jpg
  4. So I just made one after reading threads on here but the chick won’t keep the legs straight it keeps pulling them up even in the sling!

    Ok so I tried wrapping the entire leg to straighten it and this is working better but Forrest is not very happy with the situation and Lt. Dan it’s little hatch mate is super annoyed that they aren’t allowed to be together!!
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    I watched a video no clue if this will work, but a duckling wasn't keeping its balance and he put it in a sock overnight and it ended up being better. He said that it dose not work every time though but possibly worth a try.

    The part is roughly at 8:08
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  6. I did try a sock but the chick just flips it’s legs above it’s head again. I’m currently trying the dishcloth method as at least it is nice and relaxed with it!!!
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    Yeah sorry I couldn't be of much help, hopefully something works!
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  8. So just to update, I've had him wrapped in a sock like a burrito, quite tightly rather than just in the sock like before, this seems to calm him and then he stands up in a glass and this seems to be making him stronger. He manages to stay on his legs while lying down now rather than immediately flipping backwards. Have also been giving him vitamins/Vit E/Selenium/B12 as well which could be what is doing it. I'm going to give it a week so see if it can improve more, it is a strong little thing, just VERY uncoordinated! :) Thanks for all of the suggestions so far everyone!
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    Hope he gets better!
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    I'm glad he's getting better! Hopefully he becomes more coordinated! :D

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