Any Ideas How long until my girls resume laying?

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    May 8, 2011
    Hello I was on two weeks ago I rescued 4 ex bats and they brought in a sickness. I have treated the whole flock as my original girls became sick too.
    I lost two of the ex bats sadly ( sky and Cluck) the others are basically back to normal now running around eating well ect. The two ex bats who are now fit and active have started to lay but my original girls still no sign from them Its easy to tell the difference between the eggs as the original girls are black copper Marans and lay chocolate brown eggs.

    Is there anything I can do to encourage them to get back down to laying they seem happier just running around scratching up the dirt and sunbathing at the moment lol.[​IMG]

    Also I am thinking of getting some more hens from a reputable breeder fully vaccinated wormed ect but don't want to introduce too soon if there is any risk of the sickness still laying around I have completely disinfected the coop new bedding and flooring so is it safe to bring in more girls or should I wait a while?

    Thanks lolly.
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    You introduced infected battery birds to your flock without quarantine, and your flock became infected. Now you want to introduce more hens that have been vaccinated, wormed etc...from a reputable breeder. Here's a list of Respiratory Diseases that your chickens may have: Make sure you ask the reputable breeder which respiratory disease they have been vaccinated for. IMO you're asking for more headaches and heartaches.
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