Any Ideas?? Maybe allergies???


11 Years
Oct 28, 2008
I have a Salmon Favorelle Hen who is around 5 years old who is having issues with the frothy bubbles in her eyes.. not sure what is going on with her.. she had this condition a while back during a really hot part of our summer here in NE Ohio and I noticed that she was just not acting right so I gave her 2 days of sulmet water treatment and some oral dosing of Poultry Vet Rx on her beak and in her mouth and she responded fast.. and was back to her normal self.. then I noticed again the other day that she is back to having that frothy bubble stuff in her eyes.. and they are really watery.. i gave her same treatment to no avail this time.. however the only symptom she has is the frothy eyes. she is otherwise acting normal.. running around and such..eating etc... she has been exposed to many of my other flock an dall are together and noone else has this condition nor has had it at all during her times.. could it be any type of allergy or something that is not infectious.. I have closed flock and only exposure is to whatever would be in the general woods where I live.. no other chickens around my area nor do I have exposure and rest of flock is fine.. actually she is fine too just the frothy eyes.. perplexed!?!?!?!?
Check your coop... do you have any respiratory irritants in there?

Cedar shavings, aromatic things hanging in there to deter bugs, etc?

Also, ammonia build up - if you smell ammonia in the morning as you let them out of the coop it is too strong for them.
Diseases can spread from wild birds, on your shoes, tires on a vehicle, predators etc. Watch her very closely. You might try terramycin eye ointment .
not sure about more dust. no changes here.. have had a warmer summer and now really cool at night. I have a tube of terramycin I may put a bit in her eyes.. I notice that her eyes tend to be worse at night.. and yet noone else showing any signs of anything and all eat, drink and hang around same territory.. she is acting ok other than the frothy eyes...

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