Any ideas of what kind of breed this 3 month old chick is?


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Sep 28, 2019
I purchased some rare assorted chicken breeds from Bomgaars about two and a half months ago, and was wondering what kind of breed this one chick is. She's probably one of the nicest and tamest chicks I have ever dealt with. I'm about 95% sure she may be a pullet. She's a lot smaller than the others chickens, and has the best personality. Her beak and legs are both orange, and has a very small comb. I would like to have a better experienced person identify what breed she is so I could purchase some more. Here's some pictures below to help identify her. Thanks!
IMG_0270.jpg IMG_1702.jpg IMG_1704.jpg IMG_0269.jpg IMG_1674 (1).jpg IMG_0268.jpg


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