Any ideas of what they could be??


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I picked up a bunch of chicks a few weeks ago at the feed store - no labels as to what they might be other than "pullet" and "straight run" tags on the tubs...I picked all pullets, but time will tell if some of them will end up being roos...

Two of these - they are twins. All I know about these two is that they are Bantam somethings...they are half the size of the rest of the chicks!! I've had a hard time finding pictures of any chicks with "eyeliner" as thick as these two I'm clueless as to what they could be!!

At 1 week....


At almost 4 weeks...



Two of these guys as well. I am fairly certain they are RIR's.

At 1 week:



At almost 4 weeks...


(this one kind of looks like a bald eagle here, dont you think?? LOL)

This one I think might be a RIR as well, but not really sure. More "gold" colored than the other two "reds"...

At 1 week:


At almost 4 weeks:


Two of these little fuzzy-footed guys as well. Love these two, they are so adorable! At nearly 4 weeks, one is getting a ton of adult feathers, while the other is still very much mostly fuzz. Strange little chicks.

At 1 week:



At almost 4 weeks...




And the two has had a nearly naked neck since she got here, crazy looking. Her adult feathers coming in have reddish-colored tips...but I cant get a decent photo of them. Shes starting to get pins down the back of her neck and looks all crazy as well. Has looked like a vulture since day one, so thats what we call her. The other is small, flighty, and her adult feathers coming in are solid black, thin, and most of them are curved at the tip. Shes kind of crazy and unique.

At 1 week:



At almost 4 weeks:



And that leaves the yellow has been getting in white and grey feathers:

at 1 week:


At almost 4 weeks...


And the other 3 are just coming in with white feathers (these guys are the DIRTIEST of all the chicks! If there is poop, they will walk in it, roll in it, just be in it. Gross poopy chicks!!)

At 1 week:




At almost 4 weeks....





Any ideas what they could be?? I'm starting to suspect I have 2 possible roos in the mix, but I think its still too early for me to tell...will probably wait until they start crowing or are OBVIOUSLY Roos before they end up in the freezer.....

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The two blacks might be BSL.
The feathered-footed one could be a Dark Brahma, and the white poopy ones White Leghorns?

Sorry I'm not much of a help, the Brahma is the only one I've got a decent chance of being right at.
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Thanks for the ideas guys

I dont think the feed store would sell Sumatras?? But you never know!!
No matter what they are, still enjoy the heck out of them and so glad I picked them up!!
#1 and 2 really have me thrown off by the leg color. Normally I would say OEG or dutch bantam because they don't look like EE bantams to me..... Both appear to be pullets.

#3 and 4 Do look like RIR to me too. Top appears to be pullet and bottom one looks like a cockeral.

#5 probably a RIR as well. Also appears to be a cockeral.

#6 and 7 Dark Brahmas saying pullets at this time but the bottom one is iffy to me.

#8 and 9 the black ones not sure on the breed but it seems the top one is a pullet and the bottom is a cockeral.

#10 MAYBE a exchequer leghorn? Sex I don't know...If it's a leghorn they have big combs so....

#11 and 12 I would swear were meaties but maybe white rocks.... pullet and cockeral.

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