any ideas what could of killed my Banty Bella? :(

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  1. PrincessKristin

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    Today when hubby & I went out to eat lunch , Something chased one of my banty girls into her hen house while door was open today because they were all freeranging. took all feathers off her neck ate some of her neck and face. We have outside cats I cannot ( knowing them) wrap my mind around them being so brutal, they all run around together all day everyday. Hubby thinks it was one of the cats, but to eat her face and neck? I have only seen them eat grasshoppers not even mice ( though I've never seen any around here) Any idea's what else wouls do this in broad daylight? We live in the country.
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    Maybe a skunk or a mink? Even a raccoon. I had a raccoon that came and killed all but one of my cochins... he tore the heads off of two of them ripped the neck open and tore up the face of another and never found the other... I'm guessing raccoon was the culprit :(.
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    Thank you for your response we do have racoons here had to shoot one, one morning climbing up and out of my chicken run before we enclosed the top. I just cant imagine my cats being so brutal. And 6 of them are kittens. I will never let them freerange again when I am not home thats for sure:(
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    Sounds like a raccoon.
  5. PrincessKristin

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    I am sad I lost her she was from my first hens I got. Though I find comfort my cats are most likely not going crazy on them. We cage two who like to play & chase them when they are freeranging since they are out door cats ( Though I,'ve never seen it hubby did but better safe then sorry though dont want them having being chased and scared) We have a loaded shotgun by the door but it was our fault :( entirely because we let them freerange while we were gone. Never again will I do that :( Thank all kindly for your input.
  6. PrincessKristin

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    Update: When my ladies and boys went in there house for the night from free ranging today my husband caught 2 of our cats follow them into the hen house today :he needless to say I have learned a lesson rither coon or cats they will only free range when I am out there the whole time and the two cats will be put in a separate caged area to be safe for all,and hubby is building onto the run too.
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    I took this pic this morning, cute huh? I just can't believe my cats would of hururt my Bella. [​IMG]
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    My cats "tried" to go after my chickens. My Roo but both of them in their places. He would sneak up on them when they were not looking and flog the hell out of both cats. They have a healthy respect for the chickens and give them lots of room to free range.

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