any ideas what this cockeral is


9 Years
Sep 15, 2010
We thought it might be a jubilee sussex but not sure

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It's not working.

But I know what jubilee looks like and I know what a sussex looks like, so look up speckled sussex in google.
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yey thanx i googled it too mystery solved im new to chickens until a year ago they were all brown lol is speckled a pure breed or a hybrid (EE) be nice to breed him he so pretty
Speckled is one of the colorings of Sussex chickens. I like it, it is different in its markings. The speckle is where the red feathers end in a black bar separating the white tip from the red. The best feathers will have no bleeding of white into red or the other way. My roo just feathered out and I learned that the wings have quite a bit of white on them. I had clipped his wings quite young, before the white was very evident. If you have girls, my pullet laid about 5 eggs a week until molt. Nice pretty girls. I have added 6 more to the flock.

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