Any ideas What's wrong with my girl??

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  1. shez84

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    Apr 1, 2015
    Hi, any advice or ideas appreciated

    I have a lovely 2 years old girl called Toni , hand reared friendly happy bird, her sister who she has never gone a day without before has 2 chicks so is in her own coop at the mo,
    Toni has been acting off for a few weeks, at first she was just what looked to be a bit down
    Moping around sisters coop but eating and everything else fine
    She stopped laying though and has only layed 1 egg in around 2 weeks, but since yesterday she has been not herself, she won't eat or drink not even bread, I've given her warm baths incase as egg bound, she is treated for mites and worms
    She did sound like she was a little raspy for breath yesterday and breathing loudly with her beak open but I've checked crop it's empty, no smell from mouth , no fluid still has bright eyes and comb is nice and bright , she does feel a little puffy around her belly and isn't pooing much but she varies when she does go from being mostly water to being tiny amounts , I don't know what else it can be I've tried tonic to help her and extra calcium incase was an egg inside , thought I'd ask here if anyone had any thoughts before rushing her to vets. Could she just be lonely without her sister , I only have the 2 girls and so she is on her own in the garden now while sister has young babies

  2. Angie8eggs

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    Apr 17, 2012
    You have done a thorough job! You have checked everything and did everything I would have done. I guess I would have to say she could be lonely and missing her sister. :( They become attached to each other so much. When the time is right and they get to be reunited, I say she will come around. Keep me posted!

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