Any info on the plastic chicken coop


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Mar 14, 2018
Hello everyone....I'm thinking about getting some chickens for eggs and pets...I was looking at the plastic chicken coop but wanted to know if anyone has it, what they think about it and if anyone else can give me information on which chicken coops are best..The coop should be large enough for 3 chicks, the Plymouth Barred Rock, Speckeled Sussex and the Buff Orpington.


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I've seen those, was interested as it limits the amount of chickens I could have, keeping Chicken Math at bay :lau Which one are you looking at?
Snap Lock Chicken Coop Formex there's two sizes
42" x 39" x 29" = 3 - 4 LF & 4 -6 Bantams
64" x 39" x 42" = 4 - 6 LF & 6 - 12 Bantams
It would probably be ok to house your 3 IF that was all you were going to ever get. Then you'd need to have a run unless you would be free ranging most of the day. I couldn't see keeping them cooped up in this all day.

However it's been said the more space the better, less flock & health issues. Recommended 4 sqft per chicken in the Coop and 10 sqft per in the Run so roughly 14sqft per LF.


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My Coop
The large size one is probably large enough for 3 standard hens, though I would see if it's possible to turn one bank of nest boxes into more floor space and take out 2 roost bars - just way too many nest boxes and roost for the number of birds that that unit could hold.

The small is really tiny... I know I've seen stock photos where they put toy chickens in the pictures trying to make it look bigger.

Hopefully someone who has one of these coops can pipe in with more information.


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Jun 10, 2013
I have the large one. I keep it in a 10x30 pen. 1 have 1 rooster and 10 hens in the pen. Rhode island reds, slw, ccl and white leghorns.

Mainly use it for them to lay in. But have seen 7 of them in there roosting at night.

As far as cleaning it's
Pretty easy just unsnap the tabs take out the floor pan. Hose it all down and put it back together.

For 3 birds it will be plenty
Big just build a decent run off of it or around it. As far as durability I've had mine 3 years and no issues.

Compared to a couple chicken houses I purchased from a farm store. This one is a plus.
After 3 years the others are basically destroyed from the weather.

Pricey but worth it for just a few birds.


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Mar 14, 2018
Great! Thank you for the info...I was thinking of getting the smaller one to start, and I was gonna put it on a stand with a ramp.. Plus keep it in a dog run...I'll let them out daily to roam the yard as well.

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