Any Irene deaths?????

all my chickens are fine!
All of my hens are fine, though there was almost a near death.
The latch to the bird door came undone and Mr. roopurt pushed it open...
Out they all went to graze during the wind, rain, and hurricane...
So I went, put them all back, and had to try and catch my cochin Nilly *shes a witch to catch when she does not want to be* during a particularly strong gust she tried her usual escape method by fluttering away...she went air born instead...
The first actual flying chicken!
Well she smacked into a tree, fell and hit some branches, and when i got to her she wasn't moving.
It turned out she had only stunned herself thank god... Now shes limping, but I think shes just soar, we checked her over and she appears to be fine. Now were just confining her and keeping her quiet to make sure its nothing serious.
Other then that, everyone is fine, they even laid an egg during the storm.
I lost one newborn but all the others faired just fine. I think that the little one got squashed under the pile.
My older girls were not happy being locked up but they are all happy today.
We've been without electricity for 36+ hours. It looks like it might be another day or two since a transformer blew on the next street over and according to DelMarva Power it's going to be awhile until they can get another to replace it.
Thank goodness we have a generator.

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