any local breeders have bantam hens for sale at a cheap price?

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  1. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    i have 2 roos and 1 hen. one roo is a blue ducclu and i am looking for more of them (hens) only for now. i want some blue hens and then i would also like the millie flur pattern that come on the ducclus. my other roo came from the feed store here i will include pics of my chickens for you to see. i live in leesville,la outside city limits and would like to keep my roos just need some more hens please. thank you.
    this is blue best pic i have right now


    these 2 i really dont know what they are my guess is a millie flur game bantam and a ee


    if anyone has bantam hens in excalent health and are close to were i live please let me know. again thank you

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