Any medicine to protect & vitamines to grow faster


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I hatched chicks 4 times successfully before,,,but after some weeks they died .. i dont know whats i m doing wrong.. I just seen a video of hatchery on youtube (discover chicken sexing)... where after 18 days every live egg is being treated by injecting some medicine.. This medicine prevent little chicks from various types of diseases....My newly chicks are only 3 days old now.. Now my question is

(1) Is there any type of medicine available in the market which can prevent my newly born chicks from diseases ?

(2) Which food is better to grow them faster.... Is any special type of food is available for growing them faster?



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Medicated chick starter will help protect them from Coccidiosis. You can also give them a health boost by adding some Apple Cider Vinegar to their drink water and feed them a little plain yoghurt now and then. I read a study a few months ago that someone posted on here about Aloe Vera. Apparently that makes broiler chickens grow faster. It is full of nutrients and is also very good for chickens. I used to cut up the leaves and put it in my chickens' water bowls. Apart from that there's vaccinations. There are some more threads and info on vaccinations here:

Keep your brooder clean and at the right temperature for them, make sure they always have fresh water and clean food available. If you feed them anything other than chick starter, make sure you give them some grit to help them digest it. If you can't get chick grit, sprinkle coarse sand over their food. Good luck and I hope these guys survive and thrive!


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Without knowing what they died from you are just guessing. They may or may not have died from something that can be vaccinated against. What were their symptoms?

Generally speaking, commercial starter feed has a complete nutritional profile, so nothing else is needed to make them grow faster. Frankly, growing faster is not a good goal--they need to develop at their natural pace.

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