Any NFL Football Fans here?


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Jun 27, 2021
I know it’s early, but the weather way up in northern NY is feeling like fall this week! (Supposed to warm up some the next few days).

Anyone a football fan? It would be fun to talk football here, or even set up a BYC fantasy league for us chicken/poultry tenders when the weather gets a little iffier!

I am a GIGANTIC Packers fan (yes I have always lived in NY but everyone here likes the Bills...since high school I followed Green Bay back when Brett Favre & Reggie White led the team. 🧀 DH went to school in Massachusetts, so our house also roots for New England. Luckily they don’t play each other on a regular basis! Share your team, & hopefully this will be a place we can chat, especially on Sundays in November! 🏈
I'm a football fan by marriage. Hubby grew up in Pittsburgh in the 1970s, so he is a Steeler fan, through and through. We laugh at and about the Detroit Lions, since we live in Michigan.

A man is walking down the beach and picks up a bottle. Just for grins, he rubs it. Lo! and behold! Out comes a genie.

"Finally," says the Genie. "Ok, I'm on the clock, so what's your wish?"

"Just one!?" asks the man.

"Yup. Times are hard."

"I want to live forever!" the man exclaims.

"Nu-uh, no can do. Some wishes are not allowed. Make another wish." The Genie taps his foot as the man thinks about it.

"I want to live until the Lions win the Superbowl," he says.

"Very clever. Done!" says the Genie, and vanishes in a puff of smoke.

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