Any Oddities collectors?? I'm here! :)

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  1. Hey guys! Wanted to see if there was anyone else who collected weird things like, Taxidermied things, mummified things, skulls, skeletons, clear block imbedded things, etc.?

    My oddities are:

    2 opossum
    1 veiled chameleon
    1 hamster
    1 rat
    1 raven
    1 crow
    1 finch
    2 zebra finch
    1 rare-brush tailed porcupine
    1 giant American beaver
    1 velociraptor
    1 dienochyus
    1 Canadian lynx
    1 bobcat
    1 badger
    1 raccoon
    1 crab-eating monkey
    1 common squirrel
    1 grey ground squirrel
    1 coyote
    1 Pomeranian
    1 kitten
    1 rare yellow-casqued hornbill ( male )
    1 parakeet ( I've got more, but I'll list em' later!)

    Claws, bacula, teeth, antlers,etc.:

    1 vial of 3 bobcat incisors
    2 chestnut macaw feathers
    1 baby alpaca vertebrae
    1 adult bearded dragon ( half ) skull
    3 spiral shelled molusks
    1 Therizinosaurus claw
    2 velociraptor claw
    1 oviraptor claw
    2 allosaurus claw
    1 t-Rex tooth
    1 oviraptor egg
    1 megaraptor claw


    Fancy rat


    Two baby ducklings
    ( lol I had to share this even though it's not a REAL odditie...)
    Taxidermied/ slaughtered rainbow dash head on a wood plate! Lol!

    Wet specimen and dry specimens:


    1 Baby kitten fetus
    1 great white shark fetus
    1 baby octopus in vial w/ tiny human figure. Called the " Kraken "!
    1 octopus tentacle in vial


    Wild dragonfly
    Mushroom beetle
    3 unknown BEAUTIFUL butterflies!

    Block embedded creatures:

    Several japanese beetles,
    Unknown beetles, weevils, ladybugs, bees and ants

    ( and more ill post later )

    Happy odditie collectors,

    Post What You've Got!!
  2. yinepu

    yinepu Overrun With Chickens

    I have a few. I used to have more but they were stolen from me a few years ago

    Black Backed Jackal
    Cat & Kitten
    Chicken 3 (a few are being processed)
    Coyote 3
    Coyote Skeleton (Complete.. I need to articulate it when it gets here)
    Dog & Puppy
    Emu 2
    Fox Squirrel & unknown Tree Squirrel
    Goose 2 (one is being processed)
    Grey Fox 3
    Javan Pond Heron
    Lynx, Canadian
    Marmot, Yellow-bellied (Rock Chuck)
    Muskrat 2
    Rabbit 5 (a few are being processed)
    Racoon 2
    Red Fox
    Red Fox Skeleton (Complete.. I need to articulate it when it gets here)
    River Otter
    Skunk 2

    stolen skulls:
    feral hog
    flying squirrel
    also had horned owl talons but they and my taxidermy "jackalope" were stolen as well

    Other goodies that I have
    dried: scorpion (forest)
    imbedded: beetle
    wet: scorpion (common texas)
    several dried (salted) seahorses

    lol.. I think that's everything unless you want to include the Haitian "Vodou Bokor hat" (complete with dried chicken foot and beads) that resides in a box in my closet.

    I'm planning on adding a few dog skulls as well as a few more articulated skeletons later on this spring/summer.. one of the articulated will be a yearling emu (should be about 4 feet tall in "relaxed stance")
    I still have my wish list too.. so I may be adding in skulls to my collection at any time

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  3. Lol! Sounds awesome! So sorry some got stolen!

    I also have a mummified pekin duck leg and a Malaysian flying bat skull.
    I went to a museum in Oklahoma and got to go in the back and stuff and the owner gave us a tour himself and he said half the skulls I have are illegal!
  4. yinepu

    yinepu Overrun With Chickens

    lol.. my horned owl talons were a bit.. prohibited too. they were given them to me by a nice native american gentleman.. I wish I still had them but someone else thought they needed them more than I did!

    And I was bad today.. i just added to my collection..

    New skulls due here soon:
    red fox
    rock chuck
  5. backyardcelia

    backyardcelia Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 12, 2012
    i collect kitten (cat)whiskers. ;o
    do any of you have any "virtual museums", for show and tell? pic.s or video, i would be very interested!
  6. yinepu

    yinepu Overrun With Chickens

    *sighs*.. add a jackrabbit skull to my list... i couldn't resist!
  7. Lol I'll add pics later!

    BTW where are you in Texas? I'm in DFW!
  8. yinepu

    yinepu Overrun With Chickens

    South of you in CenTex *waves*
  9. -waves-

    Great to have another Texan here!
  10. yinepu

    yinepu Overrun With Chickens

    My husband is currently in Afghanistan. Since he can't be here for my birthday he's getting me a new skull (lol.. not the gift MOST girls would want.. but then again I'm not like MOST girls)!
    He bought it somewhere online for me and is having it shipped. It's one I have been wanting to add to my collection.. a Black Backed Jackal skull [​IMG]

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