Any of you allergic to your farm? New hay is killing me.


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Ok I knew I had allergies and usually they are fine. This year we got different hay and its killing me. Lots more alfalfa in this one and I get near it in the barns and I can't breathe. Never had this issue before, but this hay has a lot of powder to it. Not mold. Fresh out of the field it was like this also. Hay and straw gives me little issues usually if I am loading and hauling it but nothing bad. I just had almost what I would say is an asthma attack. I have avoided being in an enclosed space with it since hauling it but today my dad decided to throw a ton in my goat barn and I had to check the girls. I am out for the count this evening now.

In thinking about this since we started feeding more hay and fully enclosed my goat barn I have been having more stuffy noses, itchy eyes and phelmy throat stuff. I thought it was a cold but maybe not. Any good OTC for farm allergies? This hay is used for the cows, horses and goats. You know the places I spend most of my time. sigh
Sometimes you can work through an allergy. The way the body develops an allergy and develops an immunity are very similar. I used to be allergic to ant bites- itching, wheezing, dizziness- but eventually the reaction went away and ant bites, other than the sting, don't bother me any more.
I started using a homeopathic allergy drops called bioallergers, after my sister told me how it helped her animal allergys. It has different formulas. I got tired of taking all the pills and getting sinus infections. You just put a certain amount under your tongue. I can really tell when I've forgotten to take it, but it takes a bit to build up in your system.
I will look those drops up then. I ended up giving in a buying some claritin which I normally do not take. I am looking at various ways to get around this. I am working on breaking a cycle of having to go to the doctor twice a year and having steroid shots when I end up with asthmatic brochitis. Allergies seem to be at the heart of it and developing new ones was not on my to do list this year.

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