any one have ron presley , buddy henery line of wheatens

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  1. any one have ron presley , buddy henery line of wheatens marans .
    do you have any pictures ?
    any trouble with off spring ?
    how was the egg color ?
    are u happy with the qulity ?
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    Sep 10, 2008
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    The egg color wasn't as great as I thought it would be, but was still ok. I hatched 5/8 eggs, which is pretty good for shipped eggs. However, all but 1 of the chicks died within the first week...I had lots of other chicks that hatched and the same time and they were all fine, so I was thinking maybe something genetic going on? The one I have left is very pretty, but I don't know what to do with only 1!
  3. i was wondering . i have 2 roo and a hen from 3rd generation davis and i have 2 very new 1st generation (right from her ) and i just placed in the incubator 14 new wheaten marans eggs from buddy henery (i guess thats ron presley ) and i wondered what was a better line or what people think about the 2 .out of 14 eggs 4 of the budy henery line of eggs were i would make a un educated guess a #7 color then the 2 eggs from davis i hatched already were about a #6 color.
    the numbers are a complete guess i have never seen a egg that was numbered from a chart by a pro .
    i would say the eggs were
    4 eggs were a number 7.....
    5 eggs were a number 5........
    5 eggs were a number 4
    i have one of them egg color charts but but still a guess for me . i would like to see a expert look at egg color

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