Any one incubating starting on the 24th?

So far I have eggs set on the 14th, the 17th and I have Turkey eggs coming this coming week. I have an auction for duck eggs ending Monday and then I have more chicken eggs I put bids on that end later next week.
I might be setting some turkey eggs on the 24th, Got some call duck eggs incubating and setting some more on the 20th + a few serama eggs.
Ooooh serama...beaitiful

Not show quality or anything, Just pet quality Seramas, I'm hoping to get some speckled Seramas from this pair
upload_2018-3-18_9-43-24.png upload_2018-3-18_9-44-18.png
Cool, this will be fun.

I am currently hunting down some good quality Jersey Giants, Brahmas and Dorking eggs

Oh I love Jersey Giants~ I used to breed them but got rid of all my breeding cocks. I still have a couple of my hens left.
IMG_1091.JPG IMG_6950.JPG
IMG_6345.JPG IMG_2420.JPG
This is one of my lesser quality JGs I kept since she turned out to be a very good broody, She's raised quite a few batches and takes over abandoned eggs or chicks or even ducklings~

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