any one with pictures of good farm houses made specially to breed rare chickens?

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  1. faysel

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    Nov 19, 2012
    hey i am planning to make a farm house on couple of acres..i need good suggestions for its design which can help chickens in summers and winters and which also look good at the same time..would be interested in designs having bricks and iron.
    suggestions with pictures will be helpful :)
  2. crazypetlady

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    I hope you get some good suggestions here and pix. I use the cape cod style houses they sell at the feed stores with 10x10 dog kennels covered for my "rare" chickens. They seem to stay warm enough in Winter. They are made 4-6 chickens to live in full time. I only use them for nighttime. I have 13 in my tolbunt flock and they fit nicely and fog up their window. They are lays warm when I stick my hand in at night to check. I have 8 CCL but they seem like to sleep on top mst nice nights, if it's a little colder they go inside, lots of room or 8 of them and warm.

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